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SES NYC Party Guide

Ok, sure, you could drop a couple of big ones and attend the SES conference next week, but you’d be missing the really cool stuff. Yup, the best information is shared by those who go by secret forum handles and tend to congregate in the bar, rather than go to the various sessions.

However, if you’ve decided to go to the actual sessions during the day, there is still hope for you. Joe Morin has put together a complete list of after-conference parties going on during SES. Make sure head to a couple of them.

I’d normally offer to meet you there, but I’m skipping NYC this year – shock, horror! That said, if someone wants to drop me a note about one of the super-double-secret parties going on, I might be persuaded to make the trip. :-)

If you’re going, have fun!

  • Jason Schramm

    I should be going but I never received confirmation if my press pass came through. A news site was supposed to get two and I don’t know if they did. I really wanted to go too.

  • Li Evans

    Hey Andy…

    You could join all of us women for lunch, you’d be the only guy there! ;)


  • Andy Beal

    I’m sure Mrs. Beal would love that idea. ;-)