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I’m not quite sure where Spock got its name – maybe they picked up the domain for cheap and liked the name recognition – but the people search engine behind it, looks impressive.

Michael Arrington has the exclusive screenshots of the new service that aims to index and aggregate information on individuals, and help the many millions of us that use search engines to research the famous and not-so famous.

Similar services already exist – LinkedIn, Zoominfo and Naymz are among the many that come to mind – but Spock is aiming to scour the web, scrub it of duplication and even allow people to claim their profile page.

Each person discovered by their search engine is run through a process of de-duping (for people with identical or similar names) and given a permanent profile page…Spock auto-creates tags for individuals based on the information they find…Spock also auto detects other relevant meta data about the individual – age, location and sex.

Spock also claims it can determine relationships between different people and connect them auto-magically.

I’d like to get my hands on it and give “Andy Beal” a test drive. There are so many different Andy Beals – poker player/banker, golf player, baseball play, race car driver – I think it would certainly give it a thorough challenge.

  • hey andy –

    if you’ll be in town for Web 2.0 Expo next week ping me and we can chat… otherwise drop me an email and i’d be happy to connect you with Spock folks to take a test drive. i’m an advisor for the company and they’re just starting to open up the private beta next week.

    (and i also have the same issue with name-o-nyms… there are several dave mcclures out there, even a few with my same middle initial. profile collision is a bitch, ain’t it? 😉

  • Hi Dave, thanks for the offer, but I won’t be at Web 2.0. Please do have them email me though to discuss – andy.beal @

  • Spock sounds great! Some comments for Germans see attached:
    Best Leif from Munich

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