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Behavioral targeting is a common practice in Internet marketing. But what about gender targeting?

We’ve established that men and women view websites differently and consume online video differently, and now they’ll be able to travel and talk about travelling differently.

American Airlines has appointed Nora Linville “Women’s Sales & Marketing” and started a website devoted to the 48% of travelers who happen to be women. Unimaginatively named “Women Travelers Connected,” the new women-targeted website is designed to “connecting women who travel, and an example of American [Airlines]’s commitment to the growing women’s market.”

They’re trying to create a women’s social network through American Airlines. As a woman, I’m afraid I don’t really see the appeal. Though I do like discounts (which they’re offering), I’m just not interested in connecting with other people just because they happen to also be traveling. Maybe I just don’t travel enough, but I really try to avoid connecting with the people in the seat next to me on the plane.


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  • Hi Jordan, I represent American Airlines and would like to thank you for your feedback. The site is intended to serve as a resource which helps women to get the most out of their air travels and is in response to customer requests. The site will evolve based on the valuable information from resources such as your blog.

  • Mary is there a resource for us men? 🙂

    If you’re looking to utilize social media, I’d enjoy using a site that allows any AA traveler to share their recent experiences, tips, gossip etc.

    I’m a big fan of AA – I have elite status and admirals membership – so I hope you find the time to focus on the other 52% demographic. 🙂

  • Hi Andy! This is American’s first venture into the cyberspace world, so we started with our initiative. I am showcasing the great info coming in so that we can move to a real blog or chatroom in the future. In the meantime, all customers are welcome to send us great tips, favorite vacation destinations or new product and service ideas. As for the “other 52%”, we value your business and thank all for flying on American.