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Technorati Looking to Sell?

UPDATE: David Sifry left us the following comment – “I can assure you that Technorati is not for sale. We’re having too much fun and seeing significant growth, and there’s a bunch more stuff coming soon as well.”

I have to agree with Mark Evans’ observation on David Sifry’s “State of Technorati” post, it sure feels like he’s plumping his plumage, in hopes of finding a suitor. Hey, I’d boast too, with this kind of growth…

We’ve seen huge growth in the number of unique visitors to our site. In March, we exceeded 9 million unique visitors, which is a 141% increase in monthly visitors in a single quarter. Moreover, our quarter-over-quarter growth in page views was about 150% at the close of March (23% Growth in January, 24% Growth in February, 53% Growth in March).

It seems every few months, a new blog search engine launches, and claims are made that Technorati is doomed. Yet, it’s still the most consistent blog search tool out there and the one I rely on the most, as do others, it appears…