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I did my first podcast back in June 2005. Less than two years later, episode two is available! 😉

Anyway, I’ve put together a podcast that recaps the news from the last few days and allows me to expand on my thoughts and opinion. I can’t type as fast as I speak, so this is a great opportunity to share more of my thoughts with you.

Anyway, it’s lacking any production elements, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it. Would you listen to another one?

Episode: April 17th
Content: Andy Beal discusses O’Reilly’s blogging code of conduct, Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, Matt Cutts on paid links, Comcast, Netvibes, Zillow, Tellme and much more!


Hipcast seems to be acting up, not sure why. Here’s the audio file.

  • Not bad. I just put up another episode of my radio show. It’s from August but it’s a pretty good one. Once I get my old shows edited and posted online I hope to do a short weekly show online.

    And what kind of accent do I hear?

  • LOL – maybe that can be the new contest, guess the accent! 😉

  • I enjoyed the podcast. There were no awkward gaps, and the topics were presented in an informative, conversational manner. I’ll listen again.

  • I have to say that your accent sounded to me like it would probably get you a job on Neighbours, doesn’t sound like a native Sussex accent…

  • I was thinking maybe Australia or New Zealand.

  • Or North Carolina.

  • LOL – maybe one of our Austalian readers can jump in with their thoughts that I sound Australian. 😉

    My accent is somewhere over the Atlantic trying to decide if it wants to stay English or North Carolinian.

    In the meantime, “Tally Ho, Y’all!”

  • Somehow I missed where you said you were actually getting these stats. Got a link?

  • I’m lucky in that here in Northern Virginia there are just so many accents that my northern UK accent isn’t affected. Now, of course, when I head back to blighty, I get told that I’ve gone native and sound just like an American…

    (14 years stateside and counting…)

  • You mean these stats?

    Maybe in future I’ll include links to the stories discussed.

  • nice andy… production is fine… keep them coming…

  • Podcasts are great – and this is already one of the better ones out there for this market. Thanks for including a direct link to the MP3 without making me go to iTunes and whatnot. Unfortunately for Mr Jobs, not everyone is glued to their iTunes.

  • I’m new to readying your site and like the content that you post. I also found your podcast interesting too. It was nice to hear your additional perspective behind some of the week’s breaking news and i didn’t find it boring at all! Keep up the good work and keep those podcasts coming.

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Carmen, welcome to the site, thanks for reading!