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Topix Embraces Citizen Journalism

USA Today has the scoop on’s (no longer .net) new initiative to encourage the general public to post news and reports from their local community.

“We’re doing this in every ZIP code in the country,” says Topix founder Rich Skrenta. “We see a big hunger for local news. Since Day One of our existence, people have been sending us news, even though we had no place to put it. We have a (tech help) form, and people would type news into it like, ‘Hey, did you hear about Coach Jackson?’ “

Expect to see more “mainstream” news outlets embrace citizen journalism. After all, why wouldn’t you want thousands of free journalists providing you with content?

  • Jeremy

    I just got accepted as an editor. We’ll see how it goes.

    As a search marketer, what I am most interested in is watching how the move from .net to .com goes and what it does to their rankings. Right now both sites are duplicated on .net & .com domains. I’m not sure what type of strategy they are planning yet.

  • Jason Schramm

    I do like the new mainpage. It’s generally hard for me to find local news on my own, so I don’t know how well-used the feature will be. Though it could be nice for smaller papers and college papers to get some promotion if they aren’t already included on Topix.