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Can someone please help me understand why Tim O’Reilly is still flogging a dead horse?

From what I can tell, the majority of reaction to his call for a code of conduct for bloggers, was non-supportive, so what is his motive for pursuing something that is not popular?

I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to commit themselves to a rigid code of conduct that has no additional repercussions for the violators than a simple, individual comment policy.

If O’Reilly wants to create pretty badges that link back to his code of conduct, he can go ahead. Let them reside in the exact same corner of the blogosphere reserved for “blog of the week” badges – cute, but absolutely meaningless.

O’Reilly, don’t make me create my own badge! Just ask Wikipedia how scary that is! 😉

  • I read about the O’Reilly’s “bloggers code of conduct” and it seems also to me completely unuseful.

    Mainly, the category “blog” is too generic, there are to many different arguments and way to treat them: IMHO the consequence is there might be the same number of codes of conduct.

  • Perhaps he just wants something he can sell at a conference?

  • Don’t worry … it will die a death. Noone will remember it in a couple of months time.

  • Agree with Owen, I think we all need to ignore it until it is gone.


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