Posted May 23, 2007 1:49 pm by with 1 comment

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Neil McIntosh, the Editorial Director of Guardian Unlimited, has announced the website of popular UK broadsheet newspaper is expecting to receive their 3 millionth comment on their blogs in the next month.

Speaking at an industry event in London, McIntosh claimed they had seen great growth in the blogs and they now made significant up ten percent of the newspapers traffic.

Rather than encourage users to create their own blogs like some of their competitors, the Guardian has put their blogs in the hands of experienced journalists but tried to create the feedback loop that have helped make blogs so popular elsewhere.

Given the reputation of Guardian readers as opinionated political activists it’s not hugely surprising to see the comments sections doing well but given it’s popularity, I imagine it can’t be long before user generated content becomes more central to the papers digital offering.

It’s great to see a UK newspaper having such success with blogging it’s not quite the huge uplift USA Today re-launch but it certainly sets a high benchmark for my sun, the Rupert Murdoch owned offshoot of the UK’s most popular tabloid, which was hoping to match the success of it’s sibling.