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Yes, in addition to buying Third Screen Media, AOL acquired the controlling interest in ADTECH AG. (This is not to be confused with ad:tech, the digital marketing conference.) ADTECH AG is an online ad-serving and e-mail marketing company based in Germany.

ADTECH will fall under the umbrella. AOL acquired in June 2004.

I’ll let you read how they describe ADTECH’s platform in the press release. I never can make sense of so many empty buzzwords slapped together:

The ADTECH ad-serving platform differentiates itself via its scalable, enterprise-class infrastructure and publisher-friendly tools—providing intuitive and feature-rich user interfaces, superior inventory management and forecasting capabilities, and robust and flexible reporting.

AOL chairman/CEO Randy Falco says:

AOL has incredible momentum in the online advertising space, and our acquisition of ADTECH builds on this by providing AOL with a next-generation ad-serving platform, letting us deepen our relationships with publishers in Europe and the U.S. and provide them a more complete set of solutions.

Interesting side note: last week, ADTECH AG reported that only two of a thousand online European ad impressions end in click-throughs, or 0.18%.

No word on the deal’s financial terms.