Posted May 4, 2007 10:10 am by with 3 comments

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It only took the Belgian newspaper industry 8 months to figure out that blocking Google from their content, is a pretty dumb move.

While the courts haven’t yet decided on whether they want back in to Google News, they are graciously allowing Google to index their newer content and send them visitors. How kind of them. 😉

  • The title isn’t quite accurate.

    It should be “Belgian publishers of the French – and German-speaking daily press”.

    You see, like Canada, Belgium is a multi-language country.

    The German part is very small.
    The French speaking part is a minority of 4 million people, but with aaah … let’s say ‘French’ attitude.

    Then there’s the Dutch speaking part of 6 million. That’s the most prosperous and wealthy part, internationally orientated, speaking (some basic form of) English and they certainly do NOT want to be banned from Google in ANY way.

    Thought you may wanted to know.
    Case Stevens
    Dutch speaking part of Belgium

  • Hi Case, thanks for the info. So, is Flemish the same as Dutch?

  • Yes Andy, it is.
    Some words are pronounced differently and sometimes the Dutch use other words, but Flemish basically IS Dutch. We can understand each other.
    By the way, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium is called Flanders.
    Thanks for the opportunity to set this straight.
    Case Stevens