Posted May 24, 2007 9:58 am by with 2 comments

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Mark Evans pointed out some interesting information from a recent Plaxo study. The contact aggregator looked at the average number of contacts across different careers and shared which had the most contacts.

The study, supported by anonymous, aggregated data from over 15 million Plaxo members, found that Talent Agents are by far the most connected, with an average of more than 628 contacts in their address books. Publicists rank second, with an average of 490 contacts. Publishers come in third place with 475 contacts. By comparison, the average Plaxo address book has 203 contacts, although it is not uncommon for individuals to use Plaxo to stay in touch with several thousand contacts.

Bloggers have an average of 267 contacts, beating journalists with 247 contacts.

I just checked my contacts and I have over 450, yet I’ve only shared about 100 with Plaxo, so not sure how accurate their numbers are.

How many contacts are in your address book?