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By Kelvin Newman

Channel 4, one of the UK’s biggest terrestrial television channels, is the latest company to dive headfirst into the world of second life.  They have set up a virtual radio station to promote their fledgling online radio business in every new media firms’ favourite MMPORG.

They are proudly announcing that they are the first UK radio station with a presence in virtual world; and it seems they have a more developed Second Life strategy than the purely-press-release-fodder favoured by many companies. As a whole, Channel 4 seem to have made a real effort to add some web 2.0 functionality, their radio service is in podcast chunks rather than simulcasts and voting on each shows quality does a good jobs of create a feedback loop compares pretty well to some UK old media companies efforts.

“Channel 4 Radio’s launch in to Second Life demonstrates our commitment to innovation from the groundbreaking content we strive to deliver for our listeners to the way in which we reach new audiences through new technology and new platforms,” Nathalie Schwarz, Channel 4’s Director of Radio

Channel 4 Radio will providing users with a free virtual watch which will help them teleport to the company’s island, which is a nice contrast to most of second life where it seems from my experience you can’t do much without shelling out the Linden Dollars.

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