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I’m not sure if Rand was hoping to start a debate on this (if he did, it’s crafty linkbait) but he’s making the claim that the search results at are better than those of Google.

Here are some of the examples Rand gives…

  1. Furniture vs. at Google
  2. Luggage vs. at Google
  3. Laptops vs. at Google
  4. SEO vs. at Google
  5. Web Design vs. at Google

Ok, so Rand does admit that the results from are not perfect, but does suggest that they’re good enough to take on Google.

I tend not to agree with Rand on this one (friends can disagree you know). I think is great for finding resources or information pages and is also better at finding fresh content, but I don’t think it’s better than Google, when it comes to product or service related search terms.

That said, Yahoo could be doing a lot more with than they currently are.

What do you think? Do agree with Rand that is a “Search Engine That’s Already Better Than Google?”

  • IMHO, it would be more correct to say “Using other tools than Google, for example, is a better strategy for some searches”.

  • The comparisons are invalid since no specific scope for the topics has been defined. Rand’s tests and analyses leave much to be desired.

  • I agree that does have some great results for certain search queries. I don’t think that as a whole they are better than Google though.

    I think in the near future the average users are going to start realizing that one search engine may not be the best option for finding the answer to every search query. People may start using more search engines based on the type of results they are looking for and it seems to me that will be one of those places.

    People are giving more trust to user generated content and has just that – results that come from the popularity of its users.

    Of course spam will always be a problem in anything that is user generated.

    Just my opinion…

  • I love what has done with their FireFox plugin. It effectively replaces FireFox’s Favourites and sucks in everything you bookmark.

    The more they keep track of what people want to bookmark to visit later, the better their indication of how popular a site is. The question is .. will it be more effective than GoogleBot and PageRank ?

  • Matt

    They just need to be careful lest irrelevance via spam creeps in.

  • This depends on the terms that searched.