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Don’t you wish you had “sources familiar with the company”, so you could speculate on new products and acquisitions?

TechCrunch has them, so does Mashable, and Om Malik’s are telling him that Digg founder, Kevin Rose, is working on a new start-up.

We have learned from sources familiar with the company, that the trio are currently working on a new kind of a communications tool, that can be dubbed as an IM competitor. The company which is currently operating in stealth mode is going launch sometime later this month. When we contacted Rose, he declined to comment. Seems like he is going to work on this in parallel with the other two start-ups.

Would you like to be my “source familiar with the company”. Maybe you know about a pending aquisition, or you have news of Google’s new products, or perhaps you’re just lonely and have no one to talk to, except a ghostly man that lives in a small house, high up on a hill, of an island in the middle of nowhere (yes, Ben, I’m talking about you!). Seriously, any substantiated rumors are always welcomed!

  • Owen

    Bah .. you had me till you mentioned you only wanted “substantiated rumours” …

  • Brian Chappell

    Probably a good idea, since the outrage towards digg last week. Spread those eggs out. Heh.

  • Andy Beard

    I think Om might have upset his source

    Kevin Rose said in the comments


    I specifically asked you not to talk about this. You will be hearing from my lawyer soon.


    Maybe it is a prankster but I would have thought the comment would have been deleted by now in that case.

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  • Virtual Marketing Blog

    He has been on a roll lately and I expect a lot more coming out of Kevin Rose and the gang.

  • Evan

    Andy, since you’re a lost freak checkout this theory a user submitted to our lost blog. Its freaky