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If you’ve ever set up a Google AdWords campaign I’m sure you’ve seen that annoying little requirement to set an end date for your campaign. Previously you could not set the end date any later than December 31, 2010, but thanks to the new “no end date” option provided by Google you can elect to have your ads run indefinitely. If you never selected an end date, December 31, 2010 was assigned by default.

Google’s support page discussing the new option states “Advertisers now have two choices: set a specific end date when their campaign will stop running, or select ‘no end date’ to have their campaign run indefinitely.”

If you never set an end date and were assigned the default end date of December 31, 2010 Google advises “All campaigns that were previously set to a default end date of December 31, 2010, will soon be reset to the new default setting of ‘no end date.'”

I know there are a lot of reasons to set an end date for your campaign, but equally there are a lot of reasons to have your ads run indefinitely. From Google’s perspective I’d think that not expiring ads was something they would have wanted to implement long ago. I’m surprised the maximum end date of 2010 even made it through their development cycle to begin with.

Google is suggesting you take the following steps if you want your ads to run indefinitely….

* Sign in to your AdWords campaign at
* Click the name of the campaign you’d like to edit.
* Click the Edit Campaign Settings link near the top of the page.
* Find the section of the next page titled ‘Basic Settings.’
* Select No end date to have your campaign run until you pause or delete it. To set an end date, select the radio button reading Will run until, then use the pulldown menus to set the date your campaign will stop running.
* Click Save Changes.