Posted May 4, 2007 9:54 pm by with 10 comments

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One of the biggest gripes about Technorati is the interface has always been a little bland. Certainly, over the past few months, Technorati has conducted a number of “touch-ups” to the look and feel of the site, but it’s now rolling out a fresh new look.

If you take a look at your profile page, you’ll notice that it looks a lot different than it did just earlier today. In fact, look closely and you’ll discover flavors of MyBlogLog and Alexa, among others.

Here’s the new profile page.

In addition, Technorati now uses profile images to display which other bloggers have added you to their list of favorite blogs.

Along with the interface changes, Lee notes that you’ll also see a blogs “authority” listed.

It’s nice to see some of that funding going to good use!

  • technorati send me very much hit 😉

  • Step in the right direction I think. I definetly like the way it’s looking

  • New look is cool, its always good to have a fresh design for popular sites.

  • They have actually removed information, not increased, as you don’t get the total number of links reported.

    Also the authority figure doesn’t seem to be a totally accurate representation of authority. All they have done is renamed the amount of sites linking in over a 6 month period, but I believe there are other aspects to the authority calculation.

  • I like the new look. Now I actually click on some favorites. I still don’t understand the difference of the authority vs how it used to be though.

  • I still didn’t figure out how to make a tag cloud for my blog. I have the one that you can download from technorati, but when you click on a link it just sends you to my blog’s technorati page. I don’t dig that at all. Which plug-in did you guys use?

  • I think the most popular tag plugin for WordPress is Ultimate Tag Warrior, though there are plenty of choices which are simpler to use, but have less functionality.

  • Im glad that technorati is now counting unique links over number of links, but I think the new setup is pretty confusing. When I go to, I should be able to see my overall rankings without having to click authority.

  • They are not counting anything any different than before, and it is still broken.

  • BTW: love the linkbaiting keyword ‘exclusive’ in the post’s title! 😛