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By David Vogelpohl

Japanese video search engine “Fooooo” has recently launched several multilingual versions of its popular search engine including support for English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

What does Fooooo Do?

Fooooo powers its search engine by indexing videos from all across the web. Search results include links directly to the page hosting the video or a “Quick Start” link which activates a Flash based popup where you can view the video directly. The Quick Start option is available for most videos with the notable exception of MySpace videos.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the results are either YouTube, Google Video, or MySpace videos.

Single Index

Unlike other multilingual search engines, Fooooo seems to only have one index and provides identical results regardless of what language preference you’ve indicated. The only parts of the results which are in language are navigational elements related to their site. It would be nice if Fooooo held separate video indexes based on language, but one step at a time I guess.


Fooooo does provide the ability to filter results by video duration and “channel” (site hosting the video) which is a nice video only variation of site searches offered by other search engines.

Some of the videos listed in Fooooo’s results have been taken down from the site where they were originally hosted, and at the moment I can’t find anywhere on Fooooo’s site where you can report broken links.

Ranking Factors

Search relevancy seems to be largely tag driven, but other on page factors like video titles are also utilized. Some results have a heavy sprinkling of Japanese videos which is likely being driven by Fooooo’s single index (Example Search: “SEO“) and their originally all Japanese audience.

I would rate Fooooo a 7 out of 10 with points taken off for not providing options to target searches by language, not clearly providing the ability to report broken links, and only keeping one index.

About David Vogelpohl

David is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Giganews, Inc., the world’s largest Usenet access company. For over 6 years David has managed countless large scale global Internet marketing campaigns covering up to 8 different languages. David’s specialties include PPC management, affiliate channel sales, and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Sorry to bash but what in world was that site thinking with the name

    What are the chances of people remembering how many o’s are in it.

    I mean, the iteration of is parked and obv. owned by someone else.

    0/10 on domain name choice.

  • I’m not a Japanese speaker, but I’ve read that Fooooo is a phrase used by a popular TV character in Japan. It’s not clear if this actor (or the people who own the show) have trademarked this word or are associated with the search engine in any way. For an international audience it’s definitely very confusing. Maybe it makes more sense if you’re Japanese.

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