Posted May 10, 2007 11:23 am by with 14 comments

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Ok, we’re jumping on the “get our widget” bandwagon, even though we’re not sure why. However, seeing as all of the cool kids are creating widgets, we thought we’d go ahead and share ours with you.

Yep, if you simply can’t get enough of Marketing Pilgrim’s take on the world of internet marketing news, then you can go crazy with the widget below.


For more widgets please visit


We found the widget creator, yourminis, while browsing SEOmoz’s excellent update to their Web 2.0 awards. And if you need even more widgets, check out R/WW’s list.

  • dnn

    This is a cool widget:)

  • Nice Andy.

    >>>even though we’re not sure why

    I’m a big fan of widgets. I think when executed well they can accomplish multiple to drive traffic, build quality inbound links, increase repeat visits, and improve user engagement.

    The way we interact with content on the Internet has changed. Instead of visiting 200 sites in the morning I want to load up my customized homepage that has my RSS feeds and widgets so I can get all the freshest content in one place. Your widget is a good example of this.

  • Any way to widen it a bit to see more of the post titles? Cuts it off kind of short.

  • @Brian – I believe you can click thru to the widget page and then customize it from there.

  • Just installed it on my blog. Great Widget!

  • @Mark – wow I’m flattered, thanks!

  • I love the widget creation tools, I just wish one of them would allow a single text link back to your site, like a footer.

  • Jeremy,

    If you create your own widget outside of the existing platforms like Clearspring and Yourminis it is possible. We accomplished this exact thing with one of our recent widgets. It is a great way to get some quality inbounds.

  • agerhart,

    Yep, but the widget tools are missing the boat on this one.

  • Why would they not do that… Seems like an absolute no brainer to me.

  • Awesome widget and thanks for the links. Ill have to make a few myself.

  • Added it to my blog Andy, good luck with it!

  • Very nice widget. Thanks!

  • Sweet. Love the new stiky-widget. Plan on making on myself!