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Getting Started on the Internet–on the Cheap

Patrick Sexton of SEOish asked several top Internet marketers how they’d get an online business off the ground for $100-$500 dollars. He received responses from the likes of Lee Odden, CK Chung/Kid Disco, Neil Patel, Todd Malicoat, Aaron Wall, Andy Hagans and our own Andy Beal.

Recurring themes among their responses—

  • Get a domain
  • Use WordPress
  • Get good, reliable hosting
  • Write well or hire someone to write well for you
  • SEO, SEO, SEO, including keyword research, copywriting and appealing to social media sites
  • Do most or all of the work yourself—and work hard
  • Network like crazy, especially through conferences

Other tips included building up your personal authority within your niche, affiliate marketing, and even more reading up on SEO (several mentioned purchasing an SEOmoz premium membership).

What’s the best value for your money