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GoDaddy will inherit some 850,000 of the domains originally registered by RegisterFly according to this week’s ICANN agreement. RegisterFly has been struggling for some time. Last month, a federal judge issued an injunction enabling ICANN to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation. This came after many different problems and customer complaints, not the least of which were fraud accusations.

E-Commerce Times describes one of the fiascoes well:

Those problems include allegations of fraud and that RegisterFly aggressively cajoled customers to purchase upgraded services. Some customers complained to ICANN that they missed deadlines for renewal of domains, only to see those domains transferred to a company owned by RegisterFly CEO Kevin Medina, who then offered to sell the domains back at a higher price.

I’ve heard complaints about RegisterFly for months. However, since the April 26 ruling, the status of domains registered via RegisterFly was really in jeopardy. Once the domains have been transferred to GoDaddy, domain owners will once again be able to manage, transfer and renew the domains. Of course, GoDaddy will benefit from the transfers, but ICANN feels that the transfer will benefit the domain owners as well. I’m sure they’ll be glad to be free from the problem-ridden registrar.

  • So did GoDaddy inherit problems and issues?

  • Jordan McCollum

    To a certain extent, I’m sure they’ll have to deal with and resolve many of the problems and customer complaints that hadn’t been resolved by RegisterFly. I don’t think the financial problems are hereditary 😉 .

  • Nice!

    I’ve had a few domains registered with RegisterFly and they’ve been a pain in the butt to do anything with regards to managing them.

    I actually tried transferring them to GoDaddy and had no luck. Does this mean that the names will just go to GoDaddy on their own? Or will I have to do it manually?

    What a relief, I can’t wait until this happens.


  • Jordan McCollum

    Erik, I think it’s automatic, but I’m not sure how soon this will happen or whether/how you’ll have to register with GoDaddy. Good luck.

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  • Go Diddly

    Some complaints have arisen from former RegisterFly customers (whose domains were transferred from to Go Daddy in the May 29, 2007 agreement with ICANN) that Go Daddy is refusing to allow transfers out to other registrars. Go Daddy is citing ICANN rules which they claim allow them to deny transfers within the first 60 days of a previous transfer. Customers contend that this rule only applies to Holder-Authorized Transfers and note that the transfer from RegisterFly was involuntary.