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By Janet Driscoll Miller

Google is currently rolling out a new negative keywords tool as part of its AdWords Keyword Tool, and today I was able to try out the new addition. The negative keywords tool, when launched in an account, appears as a tab alongside of the “Keyword Variations” and “Site-Related Keywords” tabs. While long overdue, this tool will be especially helpful to novice Google advertisers who may not realize how to add negative keywords to their accounts.

There are two ways to find and select negative keywords:

Generate Negative Keywords by Selecting a Campaign/Ad Group

This method allows the advertiser to select the campaign and ad group on which to base the negative keywords. The tool then examines the full list of “positive” keywords in the ad group and suggests negative keywords to accompany that list.

Generate Negative Keywords by Entering Positive Keywords

This method allows the advertiser to manually enter several “positive” keywords for the tool to use as a basis for its negative keyword suggestions.

The tool performed well when provided broad, general terms. For instance, I entered the term cars into the tool, and it returned some respectable negative keywords such as -stolen, -pedal, and -rental. However, for more specific, long tail terms, such as specific auto makers and models, the tool had less relevant suggestions – with some terms that made no sense at all. The tool likely needs further refinement, but it may aid novice advertisers to improving their ad targeting, and thus, click through rate, quality score, and conversion rate.

About Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet Driscoll Miller is president and CEO of Search Mojo, a full-service search engine marketing agency.

  • Negative keywords. Nice idea, however, for search engine paid results since you are bidding on a specific keyword, I fail to see the relevance.

    On the advertisers network, I suppose it could be useful, it depends on the text of the advert I suppose.

  • Thats excellent..
    Seems like now advertisers can manage their campaigns better.
    I feel negative keyword feature will be popular very soon..

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  • I agree with Alan Mark.
    if you have specific key words you want to target – what difference does it make. And as far as novice – they are usually trying to reach a broad target so again – ?????

  • Hello Janet,
    In some way the keyword tool is useful.
    If you are selling “search engine optimization”, you probably want advertise also “company, services, firm or specialist”, but not “books, software tutorial or training”, it all depends on your target market.