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Google Gears Solves Google’s Offline Applications Conundrum

One of the biggest problems with switching your life to Google’s suite of applications is that, the moment you go offline, you lose access to email, calendars, docs and your RSS feeds. Well, according to SEL, Google is finally ready to start solving that problem, with the release of Google Gears.

Google Reader is the first online application to offer “Gears-enabled offline capabilities,” Google told me. So you would load up Google Reader while you are online, it will download your feeds. Then you can go to the beach, away from all Internet connections, open your browser and browse through those feeds. When you are back to your Internet connection, Google Reader will sync up through Google Gears and update Google Reader with the feeds you read while offline, as well as download any new feeds you have not read yet.

Barry Schwartz has tested out the claims and Robert Scoble is also suitably impressed and has an interview with Bret Taylor of Google.

Come on Google, make all your apps work offline, and I might just be ready to dump the awfully slow Outlook 2007!

  • J X

    Outlook 2007? thunderbird all the way! (even though it needs a make over, but plug ins and security beats any Email client to date!!)