Posted May 22, 2007 8:28 am by with 5 comments

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Google has announced an upgrade to its Google Trends tool, adding a “Hot Trends” tracker for daily buzz. Similar to services such as Technorati’s “top searches” and Yahoo’s subscription-only Buzz Index (which also added new features today), Google’s Hot Trends is designed to show what search phrases are the most popular on any given day.

The list won’t include all of the top queries because it will be edited to exclude pornography and other requests about the weather, popular Web sites like or prominent celebrities that consistently generate lots of searches.

Trying to figure out why certain terms are popping up is part of the fun underlying the list, said Amit Patel, a Google software engineer who oversaw the project. To help provide context, the Mountain View-based company will provide links to news stories and blogs containing the search terms.

Judging by today’s hottest searches, the US is going gaga over the series finales of Heroes and the Bachelor – which dominate the top 10.

Marketers, add this tool to your keyword research arsenal. I’ve given many presentations on keyword research and I always advocate checking the blog search engines, to determine what topics are hot, right now. With Google’s Hot Trends you’ll be able to adapt your paid search campaigns for today’s hot topics and get better insight for your future SEO campaigns.