Posted May 10, 2007 10:55 am by with 2 comments

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If you’ve not yet figured out how your company can create video ads for distribution on Google AdWords, you’re not alone and Google wants to help.

They’ve created the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, which is accessible from AdWords, to connect you with video production experts, all eager to take your money help you with your campaign.

We wanted to make it easy for any advertiser to try out video — even someone who doesn’t know anything about video advertising or video ad creation. So, we’ve developed the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, accessible right from your AdWords account. The Ad Creation Marketplace is a resource for advertisers who are interested in running video ads but don’t have experience creating video ads and want customized help from a professional.

In the Marketplace, you can find video production professionals to create high-quality video ads at a budget you set. These professionals are not Google employees but industry specialists who provide a full suite of services including concept, script-writing, voice-over, editing, and production.

So, it’s taken them a year, after launch, to come back to us advertisers and say, “hey, do you actually need help with creating ads?” The cynic in me wants to suggest that perhaps the adoption rate of video ads is less than Google had hoped, hence the push.

Anyone having success with video ads on AdWords?

  • A few clients of mine have looked into it but none have gone the final step and done them. I think this move is a smart one on Google’s part as many people are naturally hesitant to try new things especially when it involves spending money.

  • I believe this type of video application doesn’t have traction yet because it’s caught between crappy YouTube production and the tired (and expensive) industrial videos companies are familiar with. It’s neither. We need an inexpensive production model and content that is interesting and provides value. I haven’t done anything in this area yet, but am threatening to. Will let you know what I learn.