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Hitwise released their April 2007 search engine market share numbers today—and, surprise, surprise, Google is still way out in front, climbing just over a percentage point over March’s numbers. Google’s latest piece of the pie: 65.26% to Yahoo’s 20.73%, MSN’s 8.46% and Ask’s 3.69%. Take a look:

source: Hitwise

Look, Mom, that purple PacMan is going to eat all the other pieces!

Google is not the only SE to gain over March’s numbers; Ask’s share increased 0.21 percentage points over March. Yahoo declined by half a percentage point and MSN/Live declined by over 2/3 of a percentage point. Tiny changes, yes, but I’ll bet Yahoo and MSN/Live hope they’re not indicative of a larger trend.

The larger trend? Year-over-year, only Google has grown (up 11%). Yahoo is down 7%, Ask is down 13% and MSN is down 33%. These are roughly the same growth rates from last month’s year-over-year numbers.

Hitwise also found that search engines in general (and specifically Google) are driving proportionally more traffic to specific industries:

Comparing April 2007 to April 2006 – Travel, Entertainment and Business and Finance categories received more than double digit increases in their share of traffic coming directly from search engines.

Somehow, I think more than TV commercials are in order. How long before this affects revenues and stock prices?