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Both Google and MSN have rolled out major changes in some of their web products recently. Google announced Friday that the old Blogger is now “physically dismantled.” All blogs (except for Blogger Buzz) had moved to the now-out-of-beta beta version by April 24 (Blogger Buzz followed 2 days later). The only changes since then were to the DNS change and the physical dismantling. What did they do, take a baseball bat to the old server?

MSN upgraded Hotmail from “MSN Hotmail” to “Windows Live Hotmail.” Although the announcement was made yesterday, apparently the branding geniuses at Microsoft MSN Live Windows Live aren’t quite sure about the best way to make the transition:
hotmail screenshot

Pity they made the change. I kind of liked the old Web 1.0 (okay, okay, Web 1.5) Hotmail. And now, as I’ve long since moved on to other webmail clients, I really don’t want to take the time to learn about the new format and features, even though they do sound pretty cool. : \

  • Speaking of Google updates…. have they rolled out a new format for search returns. I did a screen shot and uploaded it….take a look….. has anyone else seen this?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Google Blogoscoped saw this Friday. SEL reported on it as well.

  • dnn

    Eric, where is the screenshot?

  • oops…….sorry about that. Here is the url for the screen shot.