Posted May 11, 2007 8:51 am by with 4 comments

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There’s a lot of great reports coming from Google’s annual press and shareholder meeting, held yesterday at the Googleplex. To make it a little easier to digest, we’re going to break it down into four parts for you. Here’s part two, part one is here, part three and part four.

“Organize the world’s information” is no longer Google’s corporate mantra. Nope, the Mountain View search engine giant has outgrown that tagline and has come up with a new one that fits its business strategy better.

“Search, Ads and Apps.”

Obviously, the new tagline reflects that “search” is still at the core of Google – understandable, when the majority of their revenue comes from search advertising.

The addition of “Ads” was needed now that Google is branching-out beyond simple search ads, with the acquisition of DoubleClick.

The “Apps” part is the one that is the biggest departure from Google’s original mission. Not content to simply organize the world’s information, Google is getting into the software business and building applications that are accessible via your browser.

“The idea here is to talk about this shift to an online lifestyle,” Schmidt said of the company’s growing focus on delivering web-based applications, not just search and ads.

“People are spending more and more time and Google can bring some of these new applications that really matter to them,” he said, highlighting Google Calendar, its group scheduling tool, as an example.

At this stage, Google’s applications aren’t contributing much to the bottom line – Google has only just launched a paid version of Google Apps – but the new tagline clearly demonstrates that the move into software, is not just a hobby, but a commitment by Google.