Posted May 1, 2007 12:27 am by with 2 comments

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There’s definitely a reason why Google Transit is still in Google Labs. In March, one blogger at SXSW, Adam Darowski, got directions back to his hotel that told him to cross an eight-lane highway. Actually, looking at the map, he had to cross two highways. They recommended that he cross at their intersection. The straightest distance between two points, and all.

Here I am behind some warehouses in the pitch dark, trying to find out how to get over/under that highway. It’s a tangled mess of high speed lanes. I come across train tracks. Of course, I look to my left and a train is coming (of course, I was at a safe distance). But are you kidding me? I’m trudging all over the place. I finally call my hotel (which I can SEE but can’t get to), and they walk me through the way to get there. Which was very long. I think I have a permanent crater in my shoulder from my laptop bag and the huge SXSW bag. I was walking for about 90 minutes when it was all said and done.

Not only is Google Transit working to resolve this software shortcoming, but they’re trying to help Adam get over those highways. Yes, from the people who brought you acetaminophen relief for Google Adwords headaches, this time for your transit woes, it’s Superman! Or, at least his cape. Joe Hughes at Google Transit sent him a humorous and apologetic letter as well as a Superman cape—because, obviously, that would have been the only way Adam could have followed their directions.

Via Search Engine Guide’s Jennifer Laycock, who makes the excellent point that a good sense of humor can really help your online reputation management.