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Google’s Schmidt Convinced DoubleClick Deal Will Get Approval

Speaking at the Seoul Digital Forum today, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters that he fully expects the DoubleClick deal to pass the scrutiny of an FTC investigation.

“We are quite convinced that the proposed merger meets all appropriate U.S. laws,” he said.

(Side note – notice the use of “merger” and not “acquisition”. Maybe that is less threatening language for the benefit of the FTC)

Schmidt also confirmed that Google would continue looking for acquisition targets, but would likely stay away from any media content creators.

“We’re open to other (acquisitions) but there are no specific ones to announce…We made a decision to focus on what we’re good at,” he said, referring to the company’s powerful search functions and other technology tools.

  • Jason

    This seems to be the never-ending buyout… they are still under scrutiny, and probably will be for another year or so.