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If you happen to reside in the beautiful State of Hawaii, or just need an excuse to head that way, be sure to check out the seminar I’m giving on June 12th.

The seminar is called “Radical Marketing for an Online Hawaii” and I’ll be discussing search, blogs and social media, as well as taking your questions. It’s being held at the BYU-Hawaii campus on the north shore of Oahu.

Registration is free to current BYUH students and just $7 for everyone else!

Not only will you hear me speak, but Tim Schmitt and Dave Zules will also be presenting – so you get 3 great seminars for just seven bucks! It’s all part of the 2nd Annual SEO Conference.

If you want something with a little more meat, I’ll be holding a private two-hour roundtable session in the afternoon for a select group of attendees. For $100 per person, you’ll be able to get your questions answered and get advice that I would normally charge a few thousand dollars for!

For more information, directions, times and registration details, head to the BYUH conference page.

I hope to see you there and if you’d like to discuss a private one-on-one consultation, drop me an email.


  • Do you ever do any engagements like this in the RDP area Andy?

  • @Brian – you mean RTP? Sure I do! But it’s not as nice as Hawaii. 😉

  • Yep. Stupid typos… Any idea when your next one will be.

  • @Brian – nope, but email me and we’ll grab lunch.

  • BYU-Hawaii, Cool. I went to BYU-Provo, and have a few friends at BYU-Hawaii.

  • Aloha Andy-

    I think we corresponded via email about this at one time in the past. I’m actually getting married the weekend before up on that side of the island and will be only about 15 minutes south of BYUH.

    I have a bunch of friends and relatives in town but might try and make it up there for a few hours. It’d be great to hear what you have to say and meet ya.

    How long you staying in Hawaii for?


  • @Erik – arrive on the 10th, leave on the 17th. Will be helping wife with content and reviews for

    Hope you can make it.

  • This is an excellent excuse to get out and do a little surfing! Too bad I didn’t know about this a sooner.

  • Any chance of a webcast?

  • Hey Andy,
    Do you need anyone to help carry your bags? 😉

  • Now there’s yet another reason I wish I lived in Hawaii ;o)

  • Would be nice if $7 could get me to Hawaii to listen to you 😉 Seriously, have a great time there!

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  • You should write that up as a secret strategy to get free links to related holiday niche blogs 😉

  • @Andy – if only it were that easy.

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  • Too late for me

  • Hey Andy,

    Dave Zules just pointed me to this bargain event… 🙂 I should have come to Hawaii 🙂

    how did it go?

    best regards

  • @Christoph – it went well and they may repeat it in the Fall. Stay tuned.