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Government officials in Hong Kong have recently enacted tough new anti-spam legislation. According to a Yahoo News article the new law will “regulate all messages sent by electronic means that advertise or promote goods or services, including faxes, emails, SMS text and pre-recorded voice messages”.

Penalties for violating the new anti-spam legislation include fines up to $128,000 and jail time for up to 5 years. This new legislation does not address mainland China specifically; however, it does seem to be an evolution of September 2006 legislation in China concerning email data retention.

In addition to enacting legislation addressing spam, China has also recently been trying to take legal and enforcement measures to address rampant copyright infringement within their borders. All of these efforts are an attempt to foster growth in their surging market economy by improving transparency within the normally closed communist nation.

Since a large portion of unsolicited commercial messages originate from Asian nations, it’s good to see a law pass which addresses the subject. While I’m not one to condone imprisoning spammers for up to 5 years, I am grateful Hong Kong legislators have decided to address the problem.

  • Worth noting, is that part of the reason this new legislation was implemented, is that a spamming in HK is more common than in the West, in the form of pre-recorded audio messages phoning up random phone number as well as frequent text message, a problem I’ve not had in other countries.

  • > in the form of pre-recorded
    > audio messages phoning up
    > random phone number

    Very interesting. Do you know if HK mobile / land line customers pay per minute? I could see where this would exacerbate the problem.

  • HK has a very unusual telephone infrastructure. HK telecom has the monopoly on all terrestrial national calls and they are all 100% free – users (both residential and business) only have to pay line rental.

    Mobile calls are also quite cheap – much cheaper than Western countries BUT users have to pay to make AND receive calls.

  • Finally! Let’s hope they track spammers in the US and ship them off to prision as well. I can imagine small talk in a cell…
    -“so, how did you get in?”
    -“killed a guy. how bout you?”
    -“spammed a blog.”