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iGoogle “Removed”

igoogle logoSearch Engine Land reports that iGoogle has been removed. Let me save you the trouble of logging in to your page formerly known as the personalized homepage to see if it’s true—the iGoogle logo is still there.

So what’s up? Google ‘igoogle’ and the snippet under the #1 result reads “has been removed. Undo | Close. You need to have JavaScript enabled to use this page. Welcome to your Google homepage. Make it your own.”

Barry at SEL says of the snippet:

If Google had a meta description tag that used the word iGoogle in it, chances are that the tag would have been used to make a nice, user-friendly description in the Google search results.

Maybe Google is just thinking, y’know, we’re Google. We do what we want.

And apparently, they want to make me jealous. I’m sure they know where I live, since they know everything else about me. And what do they display on my personalized home—er, ‘iGoogle’?
weather on igoogle
Did you really want me to hate you? I mean, really.