Posted May 29, 2007 10:49 am by with 8 comments

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I always thought it a little strange that Google launched Google Pack, a selection of software for enhancing your web experience. Well, let me clarify. Google Pack itself is a great idea for Google, but I always wondered why it would launch a suite of software that included products from third-party companies. Now I think I have the answer.

Mashable is reporting Google has acquired GreenBorder, a virus protection software maker which provides a secure browser that prevents anything nasty from infecting your computer.

…the software creates a kind of sandbox for your web browsing, so that any viruses, spyware and trojans you pick up during your session are deleted as soon as the browser is closed. The name comes from the green border applied to your browser window when the service is active, letting you know that the whole session is being contained and no changes will be made to your PC by websites (even downloads are opened in a virtual environment).

See how that fits perfectly into Google Pack? Now Google can replace Norton Antivirus with a product offering of its own. No doubt the company will remove the $29.95 price tag and figure out how to integrate it with other GOOG products.

So, my point? Google Pack was just the start, a first glimpse of Google’s master plan to take over all of your internet applications. If my theory is true, expect to see future acquisitions in the spyware protection, VoIP, media player and PDF space. 😉

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