Posted May 14, 2007 6:54 pm by with 7 comments

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Have a question for tomorrow’s Marketing Pilgrim podcast? If you’d like me to discuss a particular industry trend or provide my thoughts on a marketing topic, leave a comment below and I’ll select the most interesting for tomorrow’s podcast.


  • I have you ever used h1 or h2 tags for images with alt tags?

    For example say you had header navigation that was all images. Would it be ok to make sure the images have alt tags and then give them a h1 tag attribute.

  • Hey Andy,

    I’m a fan of your blog. I was introduced to it by Chadd Lomoglio. I wanted to get your thought on the effectiveness of sponsored search in relation to music marketing and how do you think this tool could be use to boost online sale.

  • What do you think of Cutts’ latest post regarding paid links? Did it clear up any issues in your mind? Does it change your opinion on the subject?

  • I have been trying to figure out the future of mobile search and how to market to mobile users. I am curious about where you see it going and what services seem to be catching with consumers.

    …hopefully this didn’t get in too late 😉

  • No questions at the moment. Just wanted to congratulate you on the podcast (and your new microphone). Been catching up on my way to work in the morning and looking forward to the next one!

  • You’ve done a few of the podcasts now do you feel that they are attracting new visitors to the site or just adding greater value to your existing audience

  • Andy,

    What is your take on the Microsoft acquisition of aQuantive? When does ValueClick get acquired? Who do you think would be the most likely buyer?