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Lights, Camera, SMX!

It’s just five days until the start of Danny Sullivan’s first solo search marketing conference. SMX Advanced kicks-off in Seattle with a cocktail reception Sunday night, then two days of action packed sessions.

I’ll be there with video camera in hand. I want to interview as many people as possible, so if you see me, please stop me and I’ll put you on camera for at least 20 seconds! :-)

Leave a comment if you’re going or if you have anyone you’d like me to track down and put on camera.

  • Todd Mintz

    I’ll be there. In my blog post on SMX, I attached a picture of myself, so you’ll be able to recognize me:.)

  • Andy Beal

    Cool – I’ll just look for the guy with the dumbbells. ;-)

  • agerhart

    Haha…nice one.

    I’ll be there as well. No dumbbells though.

  • eCopt

    I am going. I’ll just have bells on!

    Would love to talk a bit with you Andy!

  • Dave Dugdale

    I’ll be there. I don’t mind being on camera for 20 seconds. How do I find you?

    For a picture of my go to my blog and then the about me page.


  • Matt McGee

    It’ll be great to see you again, Andy — first time since San Jose, I think??

    Seattle’s having great weather this week. But just in time for SMX, it’s gonna drop 20 degrees and start raining on Monday!

  • Andy Beal

    @Matt – oh joy! Well, I guess I’ll stay inside. :-)

    @Dave – my face is plastered on every one of my posts. I’d hope you’d recognize me. :-)

    Looking forward to seeing all of you.