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It’s been two weeks since we posted on improving your blog’s stickiness. Ready for the second dose?

There’s some overlap between Nate Whitehill’s list that we linked to before and today’s Blogging Tips list, namely the advice to “ask questions.” Blogging Tips’ list focuses more on consistency and continuing the conversation with your readers and commenters. Other tips include:

  • Focus on your topic (and focus your topic)
  • Keep interacting via email, IM, etc.
  • Disagree
  • Don’t get corrupted—though I don’t understand quite what he’s getting at in his explanation.

Of course, since I found this via ProBlogger, I’ll also point you to some useful articles that Darren wrote a while back: his series on Keeping First Time Blog Visitors parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Now, because I’ve just been told several times and ways to end posts with a question, I ask again: what do you think is an appropriate goal for blog stickiness? How do you work on your blog’s stickiness?

  • Jordan,
    Increasing your blog’s stickiness can be done several ways. One of the trends that we are seeing is bloggers adding a video channel of aggregated videos(from multiple sources such as myspace, yahoo video, google video, youtube, photobucket, metacafe, etc.) that is relevant to their target readers.

    These video channels (playlists) can be embeded in a widget into the sidebar and the user(blog readers) can consume the video directly on the blog and not have to be directed back offsite to the original source. It is a way that blog authors can become even more valuable to their readers and substantially increase readers time on the blog and provide better content. 😉

    You can see an example on our comapny blog at


    Rodney Rumford

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