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How would you like to share your thoughts about the latest internet marketing news, provide in-depth analysis of online advertising trends, and help others understand the ramifications of new products, all while not getting paid a single penny? 🙂

Sound like your dream job? Then read on!

I’m looking for some additional volunteer contributors to help Marketing Pilgrim provide the very best news coverage and analysis, and I can’t think of any better place to find that help, than our own fantastic readers.

If you can contribute a few posts each week and are happy to accept fame and glory, in lieu of actual cash, email me ( and we’ll chat!

  • Prince

    Yeah, well Andy, shall meetup with you soon.

  • It’s very good opportunity for readers. I would like
    to join this cool project, but i don’t feel i have enough knowledge & grammar to write articles here:)

  • How many articles do you need written a week?

    I’m not sure if I can join up now but I might be interested in a month or two!

    Neat opportunity to gain exposure to the 5000+ readers you have in your RSS.


  • Pity about the timing. I would have loved to do this, but I’m seriously running out of bandwidth at the moment. Will drop you a line if I can make some time in the future.

  • @Erik – at least one a week, but those that can give at least 3, will be added to the list of regular contributors.

  • Andy,i would like to write about DotNetNuke, i have good knowledge about this CMS system, i would like to create articles about dnn and integrated vendors system. If you are interested you can check my previous dnn articles (i would like to know if i qualify for your blog) 🙂 Thanks.

  • Thanks – I’m mostly looking for coverage of marketing news/events/opinions.

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  • Hmmm…

    I did not realize my trackback would grab the text right after the link! It almost looks like I’m busting on you guys when I’m not.

    I do think that if someone took an unpaid position here it could lead to a paid position somewhere else.

  • @HMTKSteve – don’t worry about it. Actually, if you start off unpaid, and do well, it will likely lead to a paid “staff writer” position. In the meantime, you’ll get a lot of exposure writing for us, as I am sure Jeremy and Jordan can attest to.

  • I agree, once your articles being read by visitors, you will get popularity and it will return you as payments too.

  • Interesting stuff Andy. The exposure would definitely be huge. 5000 RSS people to read your stuff! Nice. That alone would be worth it.

    I’ll throw some things together over the coming weeks and see if it jives with how marketing pilgrim presents content. I’ll also have to digg through the archives here a little more than I have to see if I can get a feel for the writing style.


  • It does sound like a dream job! Bad news is that all the best marketing information I get my hands on comes from marketingpilgrim 😛

    Dario Manoukian ::

  • New to this blog, and lovin every minute of the reading.
    I’m not sure if this opportunity is still available, however I would love to be able to share information on specific topics. Presently, my interest is in the new google beta tools, Documents and spreadsheets.

  • Thanks, I’ll keep you in mind!