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MySpace Acquiring Photobucket

UPDATE: TechCrunch lists the purchase price at closer to $250M, and confirms the deal with “more senior people.” They say “that there is also an earn-out for up to an additional $50 million.”
UPDATE 2: Andy says…It appears that MySpace already had access to just about every Photobucket user, and they already had the technology. Did they make the acquisition simply to block competitors from getting their hands on it?

Valleywag reports today that MySpace is acquiring Photobucket (okay, more accurately, it’s News Corp., but whatever). After seeing their names linked in the news lately, perhaps they thought now would be a good time to capitalize on their shared ink.

Photobucket’s blog says nothing on the topic, although today they tout a new partnership with Snap Shots and last week they announced winning the OnHollywood Top Private Company award as well as Hitwise #1 winner in Entertainment/Photography.

Photobucket, with $6.3M in sales and 17M uniques/month last year, was reportedly seeking $300M. Valleywag speculates that the deal will be announced today.

Before we begin speculating, remember that last month’s rumors that eBay acquired StumbleUpon have yet to materialize.

Okay, now speculate away.



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