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If you’re a fan of Technorati, you’re in for a treat this morning. David Sifry has announced a treasure-chest of updates, including a fresh new look and an integrated approach to displaying search results.

While it’s likely Technorati has been working on these changes for months, it’s interesting that just days after Google announced their switch to “universal search” – combining web, news, images, video etc, into a single search results page – Technorati is following suit with its results.

In the past, you had to know the difference between keyword search, tag search and blog directory search in order to make use of the full power of our site. No more. Starting today, we now provide you a simplified experience. Simply indicate what’s of interest to you and we’ll assemble the freshest, hottest, most current social media from across the Live Web – Blogs, posts, photos, videos, podcasts, events, and more.

Another cool new feature rolled-out, is the introduction of a streamlined blog search-only version of their homepage. If you really don’t care about what’s hot, or which blog Calacanis happens to be reading today, you’ll love the cleaned-up interface of – its friends simply call it and I’m sure Technorati stuff just call it “S to the T.”

Not to be outdone by Google’s new Hot Trends feature, Technorati has launched its own real-time buzz tracker.

We’re also at work introducing features that help you to see what’s happening on the web right now. For instance, you’ll see a new ticker on the top of the homepage that indicate what terms and phrases are on the move. We also made improvements to WTF and Favorites that help you understand what’s hot – right now – and why.

Hey David, I had a similar idea a few years back. I own if you’re interested. 😉

Sifry promises that we’ll see many more new features coming from Technorati this year, and I’m excited about the growth of the site’s functionality. I’ve been a long-time fan of Technorati, and the new design and features, get my “thumbs-up!”

  • Jordan McCollum

    I was two seconds from hitting “publish” on my own post. So, here’s my take:

    As TechCrunch puts it, Technorati is no longer blog-centric. TechCrunch visitors are pretty negative about the new redesign. Some even question if Technorati has forgotten their audience. Michael Arrington concludes:

    All signs are that Technorati is continuing to look for a replacement to Sifry, the founding CEO, and rumors that the company is looking for a buyer persist despite denials from the company.

    They’ve also made the ranking of a blog virtually impossible to find. Just last night, I looked up the Technorati rankings of 44 blogs. Today, by irreplicable some miracle I was able to find one. The URL of the page that displayed them was . This URL now redirects to . Not what I was searching for. For my purposes, this is a big step backward. Then again, I’m not one of the ones coming to Technorati to “get the 360 degree context of the Live Web.”

    How many are really relying on Technorati for that? Or is Technorati’s audience still mainly techies?

  • Perhaps Technorati is trying to move away from simple being a tool that marketers use to track popularity and backlinks. If they want to grow, they do need to move beyond the mindset that they’re just a tracking tool.

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  • Competition rocks!

    It’s good to see other search engines, more specific search engines, trying to keep up with the jones’. I’m not a regular user of technorati, and I’m not really addicted to their ranking scheme but I do stop by from time to time. I really dig the new look and the new options they’re throwing in there.

    Thanks for the heads up!


  • If you actually use Technorati, and are logged into your account, very little has changed other than the search quality, which now by default is “any authority”

  • dnn

    New look is better, i just started using Technorati for my blog. But i have already known about Technorati.

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  • Bob Smith

    They recently got another round of venture capital just to stay afloat. Their latest redesign is basically a last ditch effort to recreate themselves into a business model that will generate black ink instead of the long of red ink.

    What they should have done was honestly rank blogs and design a system that wasn’t regularly down. This gave the advantage to Google’s blog search.

    Once their latest round of life saving venture capital is gone I believe they’ll be raising the white flag.

    They are so NOT the Google of social media. They’re the etoys of social media. Here one minute, gone the next.