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eMarketer reports that online advertising spending is on the rise in China and Russia.


Last year, online advertising generated over $500 million in revenues, up 54% over 2005’s revenues. With news like that, you’d think online adveritising would have a corner on the market, but television advertising spending was still 56 times that of online ad spending, for at least five months of last year.

eMarketer says that this growth is fueled in large part by the ever-growing Chinese population. They also cited Nielsen//NetRatings as saying that 81% of Chinese advertising dollars renminbi goes to television, newspaper and magazine advertising.


While Russia’s online advertising spending hasn’t grown quite as much as China’s, they still have a very healthy growth rate, with this year’s Q1 revenue of $1.87 billion up 34% over the same period last year. eMarketer attributes the high growth rate to television advertising rate increases as well as market share shootouts online.

Dollar figures have been converted from foreign currency using time-appropriate rates.