eBay Confirms $75M StumbleUpon Acquisition

As TechCrunch predicted (and we mentioned in passing earlier), eBay announced their acquisition of StumbleUpon today. eBay states that the “aggregate transaction value” was around $75M.

In the official announcement, eBay states that this deal “will provide eBay with in-depth exposure to a fast-growing community-based service with approximately 2.3 million users. StumbleUpon gives people a new way to discover relevant and entertaining content based on personal preferences and community recommendations.”

eBay explains why this is such a good fit:

“StumbleUpon is a great fit within our goal of pioneering new communities based on commerce and sustained by trust,” said, Michael Buhr, senior director, eBay. “StumbleUpon’s downloadable toolbar provides an engaging and unique experience to its users, but it is the similarities in our approaches to the concept of community that make it such a compelling addition to eBay.”

GoDaddy Inherits RegisterFly’s Domains

GoDaddy will inherit some 850,000 of the domains originally registered by RegisterFly according to this week’s ICANN agreement. RegisterFly has been struggling for some time. Last month, a federal judge issued an injunction enabling ICANN to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation. This came after many different problems and customer complaints, not the least of which were fraud accusations.

E-Commerce Times describes one of the fiascoes well:

Those problems include allegations of fraud and that RegisterFly aggressively cajoled customers to purchase upgraded services. Some customers complained to ICANN that they missed deadlines for renewal of domains, only to see those domains transferred to a company owned by RegisterFly CEO Kevin Medina, who then offered to sell the domains back at a higher price.

More Blog Stickiness

Still working on getting your blog readers to stick around? If you’re on WordPress, you’re in luck. Technosailor’s Aaron Brazell has compiled a list of plugins designed to help improve your blog’s stickiness. What do these plugins do?

  • Greet visitors from search engines with a list of relevant posts.
  • Enable visitors to subscribe to comments.
  • Display your most popular posts.
  • Easily interlink series of posts.

ProBlogger led me to the post, and there are even more useful plugins mentioned in the ProBlogger comments, including ones that enable you to:

You Don’t Need Web Analytics

How many saw that headline and heaved a sigh of relief? “Oh good,” you thought, “one less thing on my to do list.”

Web Analytics World has 21 reasons that you do not need web analytics. Any of these sound like you or your clients?

  • You don’t want to know where your visitors are coming from.
  • You don’t care how much time visitors spend on your website.
  • Most popular products? Who cares, you already know what your customers want.
  • Dead Content? There can’t be any dead content on your site.
  • Site overlay is overrated because you can pretty much guess which links visitors find appealing.
  • Bounce rate sounds like a make believe metric.

Well, when you put it that way…

Fox Confirms Photobucket, Flektor Deals

Fox Interactive Media, parent company of MySpace, has finally confirmed their acquisitions of Photobucket and Flektor.

We were already pretty sure about the Photobucket deal. After the rumors began flying at the beginning of the month, ValleyWag & TechCrunch reported the deal was confirmed on May 8. Just a week later, we started afresh with the rumor that Flektor was next.

Today, CNET reports that Fox Interactive finally confirmed both deals. They didn’t comment on purchase prices.

Photobucket, one of the most popular online photo sharing sites, and Flektor, a photo/video/audio editing and slide show producing site, might well be merged into one product. Their services, individually or combined, will doubtlessly be used by many MySpacers.

In other M&A news, TechCrunch predicts that the long-rumored eBay/StumbleUpon deal will be confirmed today.

Yahoo Paying Out with Paypal

Yahoo’s Publisher Network has made the surprise step of introducing Paypal payments for those using their content network. Now as well as cheques, the publishers can have their ad earnings transferred directly into the eBay owned online money transfer service.

This was also good news for smaller YPN users who are only monetising relatively low sums from their website, as the new electronic payment method will pay out at the lower $50 threshold.

commended the move saying

I suspect it will be especially popular once YPN goes international, as it will save headaches for publishers cashing foreign checks and getting charged for payments in a foreign currency.

The Marketing Pilgrim Podcast – Episode 8

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