Whatever You Do, Don’t Confuse ICrossing with iProspect

I’m not saying that ICrossing and iProspect are big competitors, but be really careful never to get the two confused.

It’s ok, I don’t think anyone noticed. ;-)

SEO Contest for Charity

When “the Lisa” emails you and (ever so) politely asks if you’d mention their contest on your blog, it’s hard to say “no”. Her blogging wit is razor sharp and you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong end of it. :-)

Joking aside, the Bruce Clay team are running a contest to help provide SEO services for non-profits and there’s a great prize for the winner. By simply offering to help a charity optimize their web site, you could win a free pass to Search Marketing Expo and get some training from the Bruce Clay team.

Yahoo’s oneSearch Brings Mobile Search to Six New Countries

If you live in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany or France, I have good news for you. Yahoo has announced the expansion of their oneSearch mobile search service to your country!

If you’re not quite sure how oneSearch will change the way you search for pizza, we have a refresher from the US launch.

oneSearch is designed to make searching for and finding information as quick as possible for consumers by providing relevant results right on the page such as news headlines, images, business listings and more as well as easy navigation to other web sites. Effectively, oneSearch anticipates the type of information you are looking for, and does away with the arduous task of navigating ten blue links in a mobile browser (see the “pizza” example, right).

Google Adds Email Sharing to RSS Reader

I know this is going to freak you out but, did you know that some of your friends and family don’t actually use an RSS reader? I know, I was shocked too – next we’ll learn that some people still have newspapers delivered!

Anyway, in an effort to help those that don’t have a feed reader (or those that think email is simply just a lot better for sharing news), Google Reader has introduced a new feature that will allow you to share items via email.

Clicking the “Email” link at the bottom of an item gives you the ability to:

  • send email from within Reader — no more second window for sending email.
  • send the entire item as it appears in Reader, including formatting and images.
  • use your Gmail address book (if you have one) to add contacts with auto-complete.

45% of Europeans Watching Television Via the Web?

It’s hard to believe, but according to a Motorola study, discovered by TechCrunch, almost half of broadband users in Europe, watch TV online.

2,500 people were interviewed with 45% saying they were watching some television shows online, with the French leading the way.

“Viewers across Europe are no longer satisfied with fitting into schedules dictated by broadcasters and are turning to the choice and flexibility offered by TV over the internet,” said Motorola’s Karl Elliott.

Not noticed by TechCrunch is that the survey suggest 45% of broadband users are watching TV online. Throw in those that still use dial-up and the number shrinks a lot. Also, no details on how much broadband TV they actually watch online. Does watching 10 minutes of EastEnders on your computer, qualify you to be part of the 45%?

Blog Bash

We mentioned some blogging resources earlier this week, and I do have to admit that I made a glaring omission. I’d heard about Chitika’s 30 day Blog Bash because I subscribe to a couple of the participants. I’d even read their posts when they crossposted them. But somehow it never registered what an excellent resource these articles were.

And are they ever an excellent resource! The Blog Bash was one blogging-related post every day in April from blogging experts, including Darren Rowse, Lee Odden, Aaron Wall, Neil Patel &c.

They offer advice on subjects from the technical to the practical. You can get advice on writing, growing your readership, making your visitors into loyal readers, making your blog search engine friendly, building a community around your blog and more.

Yahoo Allows Content Filtering for SEO, with “Robots-Nocontent” Tag

Are there parts of your site that you wish you didn’t have because they dilute your chances of getting a number 1 ranking on the search engines? Have you spent endless hours re-working your CSS, so that you main content appears ahead of your navigation, in hope of improving your search ranking?

Good news! Yahoo wants to help you filter out the content that doesn’t help your optimization efforts, with the introduction of the Robots-Nocontent tag.