Pilgrim’s Picks for Tuesday May 29

I hope you’re keeping up with all of today’s news. I thought perhaps we would ease back into the work week, after the Memorial weekend, but I guess I was wrong!

Here’s the rest of today’s breaking news…

Your Own Computer Can Spider the Web, Thanks to MyLiveSearch

Oh boy, with the buzz MyLiveSsearch is getting today, expect to see the company snapped up by Google, Yahoo or Microsoft in the next few months. Why?

MyLiveSearch claims to have finally figured out how to tap into the “hidden web” – all the stuff that is too fresh or too deeply stored for other search engines to discover.

It works through a small browser plug-in. The search terms are put through Google, or other indexed search databases, but those results are treated as “starting points” alongside the user’s bookmarks and other popular web hubs.

From there, the live search takes over, crawling through hundreds of web pages connected to those starting points in search of more information relevant to the search.

Is Google Buying Companies to Add to Google Pack?

I always thought it a little strange that Google launched Google Pack, a selection of software for enhancing your web experience. Well, let me clarify. Google Pack itself is a great idea for Google, but I always wondered why it would launch a suite of software that included products from third-party companies. Now I think I have the answer.

Mashable is reporting Google has acquired GreenBorder, a virus protection software maker which provides a secure browser that prevents anything nasty from infecting your computer.

…the software creates a kind of sandbox for your web browsing, so that any viruses, spyware and trojans you pick up during your session are deleted as soon as the browser is closed. The name comes from the green border applied to your browser window when the service is active, letting you know that the whole session is being contained and no changes will be made to your PC by websites (even downloads are opened in a virtual environment).

Google Faces FTC Investigation, Did Microsoft Shoot Itself in the Foot?

The Federal Trade Commission has decided to investigate whether Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick opens up any antitrust issues, according to the NYT.

The inquiry began at the end of last week…[t]his step, known as a “second request” for information, can suggest that a proposed acquisition raises more serious antitrust issues. But legal experts said the request is mainly a sign that the agency is closely scrutinizing the Google deal….Still, privacy issues are not typically the concern of antitrust officials. In reviewing a proposed merger, legal experts say, regulators weigh the likely impact on competition and struggle with tricky technical matters like defining the relevant market to measure.

As we reported a few weeks back, it was highly likely an FTC investigation was coming and is often the norm for acquisitions of this size.

Can Your Business Exist Without You?

What would happen to your business if you suddenly died in an accident? Would if fall apart or run smoothly in another persons hands?

Being Memorial Day I was thinking about our troops when it it dawned on me that out of the thousands of reservists who are now active duty, many own their own businesses and some probably own online businesses. What did they do when called up?

Whether it’s in relation to death or just incapacity to oversee day to day operations, we all need a plan to make sure our businesses are self sufficient and can provide for our families future. Here’s a good start for such a plan.

  1. Create a will and a living will outlining my desires for the business.

In Honor of Memorial Day

In honor of those that died while serving our country

USS Arizona Memorial

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