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It’s Friday, which must mean it’s time to crank up the rumor mill to “11” and get speculative. 🙂

Vecosys is reporting from a “very trusted source” that Google is getting ready to buy Feedburner, in order to gain access to their RSS ad network.

The delay in announcing the deal, I am told is solely due to the delay in closing out the DoubleClick deal.

It’s really no more than a rumor at this stage, but it would certainly be a smart move by Google. With more of the web being viewed by RSS readers, Feedburner provides a great platform for advertisers to reach a new audience. In addition, think of all the great data Feedburner is collecting about not only RSS feeds, but web sites in general.

  • … I wish Yahoo would take it (why they haven’t thought about this super b site before?). Google will be everywhere soon… And Yahoo! loosing

  • I sure hope this isn’t true. I don’t want Google to mess up another great company/service.

  • What do we think this would mean for feedburner users? I love feedburner as it is now but might love it even more if it were with Google.

    My biggest worry/wonder would be how this would effect being able to advertise on feeds and what services we could use? Such as yahoo, adsense, TLA, etc. Any thoughts?


  • I just hope this won’t mean necessary fixes won’t be put on the backburner.

    Also it makes the market less attractive for competitors, and Feedburner’s email subscription service really needs competitors to encourage feature improvements.

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  • Lets hope it will help feedburner users.

  • Andy… I agree, no one wants to compete with the monopoly of Google (is it called a monopoly when they give everything away for free?). I think the feed world needs some spicing up. It’s pretty bland, cut and dry stuff right now.

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