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Hitwise reports today that “silver surfers” aged 55+ are poised to become the largest age demographic of Internet users in the UK. Heather Hopkins, VP of Research for Hitwise UK reports that this population segment has grown 54% over the last two years, now composting 29% of the Internet usage in the UK.

What are seniors looking at? The same things as everyone else, in large part: search engines, adult sites and shopping & classified sites. However, they do spend more time than other demographics on sites about travel and news & media sites. As Heather says, “Cruise, Family, Stocks and Shares, E-Greetings and Yachting and Boating websites receive the highest concentration of visits from silver surfers. Cruise websites, for example, received 48% of their traffic from UK Internet users aged 55+ in the four weeks to 12th May 2007.”

Always good to remember who your target audience is and how (and where) you can appeal to them.

  • In Germany almost the same numbers were published earlier this month.
    Maybe there are more older than younger people on the Internet but I’m rather sure that younger people spend way more time online than old people. Or at least generate far more traffic in the same time (because seniors tend to need a lot of time to read and understand websites).
    And many young people spend their time playing games, which is often not accounted for in those studies. And I expect the ingame advertisement market to grow rapidly over the next years.

  • Elder

    I would like to ask you all for some advice and/or tips for my next project.
    I have decided to create a video tutorial aimed at helping elderly people get online and make use of the Internet. I can think of thousands of subjects myself to cover but I am trying to keep it as simple as possible.

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas or requests for tutorials or subjects to cover that might make the whole WWW experience for the elderly surfer a more easy and pleasurable experience. If you are having difficulty performing certain tasks online then share, your frustration and maybe I could cover that subject in a tutorial.

    Looking forward to all of your idea’s

    Kind regards

    Elder Lee
    Email: elder.lee at Gmail d ot Com

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