The Marketing Pilgrim Podcast – Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Marketing Pilgrim Podcast is now available. Here’s the info…

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Episode: 7

Date: May 22nd

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Items discussed this week include –

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  • Shiva

    Love the podcast, contentwise….!!!!!!!!

    but the sound is pretty bad…..real ‘echoey’

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks – that could be the room. Any experienced podcasters care to suggest how to improve the sound? :-)

  • Nia

    Do you have audio embedded on the site? You know how info is controlled in the US these days

    …subscription was disallowed by iTunes from US IP addresses…or so it seemed from ehte message window that popped on my screen when I tried to subscribe in iTunes to the podcast just couple of minutes ago.

    I’ll check out your audio at iTunes when I’m out of here post haste. ;)