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UPDATE: Video results now appearing in universal SERPs. See Search Engine Land.

With yesterday’s announcement of a new universally integrated Google SERP, it’s doubly important to optimize your non-text content for Google. After all, if some of the top 10 spaces are taken up by images, news, products, or video, it’s just another challenge for Internet marketers, right?

blinkx, the video search engine, anticipated the need to SEO video. They published a whitepaper on video SEO and published the same content on a wiki (although there have been virtually no changes since then).

When the report came out, Richard McManus of Read/WriteWeb summarized the whitepaper and wiki’s contents:

  • Cleaning and conversion of metadata
  • Optimizing titles, description and filenames
  • Leveraging sitemaps
  • Utilizing media RSS
  • Content management
  • Where to submit
  • What to avoid

Basically, it sounds like blinkx covered a lot of the basics of all-purpose SEO. If you’re just getting into video or SEO, you might want to check out the whitepaper, since it does cover a lot of background on the online video industry. If you’ve already covered these bases in your online video, how about contributing to blinkx’s wiki?

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  • Jordan,

    This comment is irrelevant to your post.

    I was at your blog and tried to contac you through the contact form.

    I kept getting an error that said I did not fill in the “Reason for contact” fill. But that field was not even available.

    Though you should know. Can you send me an email so that I can contact you?

    alexchoowk at wptextads dot com


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  • No doubt this will come around to be very important sooner rather than later.

    With Google’s acquisition of YouTube I was hoping that they would shortly launch a wonderful video recognition searching service that would making video and image tags useless but it doesn’t look like that will happen (ha ha).

    alt tags are really the key to all of these things and as much as people don’t like getting their videos or images stolen, having someone else gank your multimedia and then link back or just source through you can actually help out a lot with SEO (IMHO)

    Great thoughts and thanks for the link to the white paper.


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  • Yes…it is good news for end user but not good for SEO’s. Lets see what will happen with google universal search..:)

  • @ShytoBuy

    I’m an SEO and it’s GREAT news for me. Now I have more chances to get more content from my sites on the front page. Hello Video 😀