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If you’re the kind of publisher that likes to experiment with new revenue models, then Tumri Publisher might be worth checking out.

With Tumri, publishers can create “AdPods” which feature products that can be selected from more than 2300 merchants including Wal-Mart, Sears and

You can select from a pre-defined stores or build your own custom store, and then upload the javascript to your web site or blog. Tumri then uses it’s own algorithms to select which products and offers to display, based upon your page content, updating the selection with each new page view.

How do you get your share of the money? Tumri uses the following revenue share models.

  1. Click Through Revenue Share for products that are merchandised from Tumri’s “Pay per Click” merchants determined by valid click-throughs emanating from the AdPod(s) on the Publisher’s site during the calendar month. 
  2. Pay Per Order (commission) revenue share for products that are merchandised from Tumri’s “Pay Per Order” merchants determined by orders that originate from the AdPod(s) on Publisher’s site during the calendar month.

So, if you’re looking to monetize your content further and have an e-commerce biased audience, you may want to take a look.


  • I’m testing this out right now and it looks cool and the backend is nice, but I’m having real problems with the search portion. The results it returns are really out of whack, at least in the market I’m testing in. No matter what I search I get either watches or cameras. Support is very responsive and helpful though, so maybe they’ll have a solution or fix soon.

  • Terry:

    we apologize for the inconvenience with the search feature. The bug was fixed and it should work fine now. Thank you for your patience.


    Hari Menon

  • I have to say wow, these guys responded like lightening to our issue with search and the AdPod is working great. I even got a personal call on friday (I was already gone for the day though, crazy West Coasters!) Tumri so far has been a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the other affiliate systems we’ve been using.