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UK poker site has recently gotten in a bit of trouble with Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for running ads which insinuated that playing poker can lead to success in the bedroom.

As reported by The Register “A complaint was levied at betting house Victor Chandler, which ran a campaign featuring a scantily clad young lady with the strapline: “You love sex. She loves sex. You love money. She loves money. You have money. She loves you.”

The complaint filed with ASA alleged that the ad campaign “linked gambling with financial and sexual success”; however, an article by Gaming Intelligence Group claims “Victor Chandler said they believed the ad complied with the CAP Code and did not encourage excessive gambling.”

Of course the ASA didn’t see it that way and commented “We did not accept VC’s argument that the ad did not advertise online poker or gambling directly. We understood that gambling was a leisure activity for most people and a career for a few. We considered that the message of the ad went beyond the idea of “everyone loves a winner”, by implying that gambling was more than entertainment and was a viable option for people wanting to improve their sex life by winning money.”

With all the troubles the UK gaming industry has had with dealing with strict new US gambling laws, I’m sure having to jump through even more hoops to please UK advertising regulators is an unwelcome development.

Perhaps should stop getting advertising ideas by watching the 1990 movie “Crazy People“. Sure the line from the movie “Porsche. It’s a little too small to get laid IN it, but you get laid the minute you get out of it! ” is great, but do you really need use that concept in the real world?