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By Paul Bennett

From 1 June, Vodafone will roll-out new charges to their UK customers for data usage, in an effort to drive more users on to the Mobile Internet.

The pitch is positive:

“Google, eBay, MySpace, YouTube, the BBC – whatever you’re into, and whichever Internet sites you like to use, it’ll all be there in one place, on your phone whenever you need it”

But the pricing model is flawed: £1 per day for your first 15MB sounds like a great deal at face value, until you realise that as a frequent user your monthly bill could easily double!

All-in-all this move seems to be a little backward when you consider that other UK network providers are moving toward flat rate tariffs for unlimited (but fair) data usage. T-Mobile users enjoy ‘web-n-walk’ at £7.50 per month – in addition to their basic call and text tariff – and 3 have had their X-Series packages since November last year, starting at only £5 per month extra inclusive of VOIP and peer-to-peer instant messaging services.

For most users the attraction of searching, surfing and communicating across the web on a mobile device will remain  blighted until the shackles of data pricing are finally lifted.

About Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett is an Internet Marketer of seven years plus and Director of Operations at UK marketing firm, NetProspect. Paul will be bringing world-wide mobile marketing news and feature articles to the Marketing Pilgrim.